General medicine

The focus of our practice is the general family medical care. In addition to acute infections, abdominal pain or other complaints we treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, thyroid disease, coronary heart disease or mental.

Health promotion and prevention/DMP

Health maintenance is the focus of our work. We carry out health checks (from the age of 35 every 2 years), cancer screening and regular vaccinations. We offer disease management programs (DMPs), high blood pressure chronicler programs, COPD, asthma, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

HIV therapy

Over the last 35 years, HIV infection has changed from an inevitable death to a chronic, yet treatable disease. With usually one tablet daily, a well-tolerated normal life with normal sexuality, good quality of life and almost age-appropriate life expectancy can be achieved.

Next extremely important is the earliest possible diagnosis!

We offer advice, diagnostics and treatment in high quality, cooperate with AIDShilfe and other disciplines.

Hepatitis therapy

HEPATITIS is an inflammation of the liver that is often chronic and can lead to a deterioration in liver function. Most forms of hepatitis are caused by viruses. The most common are the

Hepatitis A: is usually transmitted through food and drink to countries with poor hygiene standards. It almost always spontaneously heals, is reliably prevented by a vaccine.

Hepatitis B: is transmitted through intercourse and blood, is often chronic, is also reliably prevented by a vaccine. A drug cure is so far only exceptionally achieve.However, there are long-term drugs that prevent the progression of the disease.

Hepatitis C: is also transmitted through blood and sexual intercourse, often becomes a chronic, progressive disease. A final liberation from Hepatitis C – virus is by an 8 to 12 – accessible weeks of treatment with excellent tolerated drugs in almost 100% of cases.

We are happy to advise you and carry out diagnostics and possibly therapies.

Infectious Diseases

In addition to HIV / AIDS and hepatitis we are happy to take care of other infectious diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and others. Even with “gifts” of trips abroad and other suspected or confirmed infectious diseases you are right with us.


Addiction is a socio-political phenomenon and problem, but above all affects the individually affected and its environment.

We are happy to advise you and even better in advance of risky, dangerous consumption, abuse and dependency / addiction. In the case of opiate dependence, there is the possibility of substitution with drugs such as methadone, polamidone, buprenorphine.

We work together with all institutions of the drug aid system.

Psychosomatic medicine

Psychosomatic Medicine – treating mind and body as a coherent unit

Many physical ailments can not be detected using objective diagnostic methods such as laboratory tests or ultrasound examinations. Why do I always have a stomachache when I’m sad? Another tinnitus at work stress! Typical examples of psychosomatic illnesses are irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bladder, heart anxiety neurosis, eating disorders or psychogenic itching. Many of our patients suffer from these diseases. Unfortunately, these diseases are often stigmatized in public and seen as “signs of weakness”.

Specialist training in general medicine includes a special training in psychosomatic illnesses. Here we help gladly, please speak your complaints openly!


Psychotherapy is the treatment of psychological disorders of ill-health, including but not limited to depression, psychosis, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessions or psychosomatic disorders. Possible treatment methods are behavioral therapy, analytic psychotherapy, deep psychological psychotherapy but also drug therapy.

Dr. Gippert and Dr. Hartmann have completed special training in psychotherapy. Please arrange for a psychotherapeutic treatment a special appointment so that enough time can be scheduled.

Travel medical consultation

In addition to checking the regular vaccinations, we also advise you on vaccinations before planned trips abroad. Furthermore, we inform you about relevant topics such as Malaria prophylaxis or the spread of important diseases. Depending on travel destination, type and duration of stay certain vaccinations are recommended. The costs for the travel medical consultation or the vaccines are partly taken over by the health insurance. We recommend that you inform yourself in advance at your health insurance. In order to have enough time for the vaccinations please contact us at least 6 weeks before departure.

Authorized yellow fever vaccine

Our practice is a certified yellow fever vaccine. For some travel destinations (especially Africa and South America) a yellow fever vaccine is recommended or even required. We advise / vaccinate you.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy – medical treatment with the hands

Manual therapy is used to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, joints, muscles and nerves.
With the help of special hand movements, mobilization techniques and active and passive exercises, the relief of pain and the restoration of disturbed movements are achieved.
So again a harmonious interaction of the musculo-skeletal system is possible.


Acupuncture – When needles can help

Acupuncture is a healing treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Special needles are stung into specific acupuncture points.
It is based on the idea that the body’s life energy, called “qi”, circulates on certain channels in the body and influences the bodily functions.
In a disturbed energy flow complaints and diseases occur. By needling the acupuncture points that lie on these channels, the necessary energy flow is restored.
So complaints can be alleviated or even remedied.
Acupuncture can be an important supplement to Western medicine.

If you are interested please contact us!

Small surgery

Our surgery experienced physicians offer minor surgical procedures (such as removal of moles, treatment of nail bed infections, etc.)